I am a mother of three beautiful sons, a wife of an awesome husband, and a child and servant of God. I am a perfectionist. My weakness is ice cream. I love to watch sunsets and star gaze. I am a city girl turned country girl. God and my family are my rocks. Photography is my passion.

I was born in NOLA and raised in Pearlington, MS. My heart will be forever split between the city and the country, as I feel equally at home in both. 

Just after graduating high school, I met the love of my life. After 3 years of dating, I married my amazing husband in 2007 at 20 years old. We learned how to adult with one another (learning? I still don't feel like a legit grown up. LOL), cheered each other on, wiped one another's tears, and learned to love each other as God intended. 

Our oldest son, Christian, was born in 2002, followed by our middle son, Kylan, in 2009, and finally our little caboose Carter in 2018. Being their momma is the single greatest blessing in my life. As a mom, I totally understand the struggle of the bitter sweetness of watching your babies grow up. This has made me very passionate about savoring the moments and not dismissing the details. There's so many times when I'm snuggling them and close my eyes to whisper this prayer, "Lord, please help me to always remember exactly how this moment feels." I get it momma. 

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My photography career had an interesting start. Shortly after graduation from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor’s in Biology, I decided that going to medical school (as planned) was not the direction God was leading me. I wanted to be able to be fully present as a mother.

Within a month of moving back home to Mississippi, I became pregnant with my son Kylan. After much praying and discussing with my husband, I decided I would further my interest in photography. It was a flame sparked by taking an Intro to Photography course as my art credit required for my Bachelor’s. I bought my first digital SLR and began to learn as much as I possibly could (which is a never-ending process).

That flame turned into a deep passion. I fell in love with everything about photography, the light, the emotions, the memories... everything. This only grew after my son was born, and I so desperately tried to grasp onto those fleeting moments that were slipping right through my fingers.

The decision to turn that passion into a career has been one that I have yet to regret. It brings me so much joy to capture the bitty details of a newborn baby, the milestones in your baby’s first year of life, the cheerful moments of childhood, the glow and excitement of a mommy-to-be, and the love and bonds between a family. It is my honor, privilege, and blessing to be allowed into my client’s lives to capture the most precious times in their lives.

So… in a nutshell… I'm convinced that I am blessed with the very best job in the world!

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