We all know that life as a mom is busy. Our to-do list is usually at least 10 lines long. When I thought about how I could improve my client experience going into 2018, the first thing that came to mind was easing mom’s to-do list on the day of your session. While we’re so busy making sure everyone else looks their best, we usually place ourselves last on the list and run out of time to primp and pamper ourselves. And can we be honest?  If you have happen to have a newborn at home, even showering is a luxury.

Adding a hair and makeup artist to my team seemed like a no-brainer. My search led me to the amazing treasure that is Jacqueline Reynolds, HMUA. I’m pretty sure she uses pixie dust in her make-up and hairspray… just saying. 😉 I highly recommend making the extra investment because you will love your portraits that much more when you feel as beautiful as you truly are.

While booking your session, I will of course mention Jacqueline to you and send you here for more information. After reading through everything, you’ll just let me know if you decide to book her, and I’ll make sure we can make our schedules coordinate.

For my newborn clients, Jacqueline can meet you at my studio. For all other sessions, Jacqueline will come to your home. She already knows that you will be aiming for a soft, natural look that only compliments your existing beauty. However, feel free to discuss with her any questions you may have as far as color preferences. I’ve seen her do everything from a simple beachy waves blowout, to amazing romantic up-dos with and without braids. She rocks it all, so it will totally be your personal preference on which style you choose. For full hair and make-up, you can expect your time with her to take about 1.5 hours. Please prepare for her by having a clean, make-up free face and clean, dry hair.

Her fee is completely separate from mine. While she prefers cash, she does accept card and check payments.

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