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Art in the Pass Booth | Bay St. Louis, MS Photographer


The first weekend of April I did my very first art show. It was actually the first time my work was on public display in any form. Yes, I was nail-biting nervous! The booth was a labor of love (and hate at times LOL). I got to use power tools which was super fun. I built the back wall all by myself from cutting the wood to drilling the holes. Woo Hoo! Go me! The guys have been tricking us and making us think it’s a pain, but I’m here to tell ya girls that it was so much fun. I kind of wanted to just keep cutting wood. Ha! Anyway, here it is all put together. I hope you enjoy.

My back wall was made of two sheets of beadboard that I whitewashed and attached together in the back. I made a little thing (apparently called a “kicker”) that came out in the back at an angle to hold the wall up. I used Hercules hooks to hang the frames and canvas.

The screen was just some wood frames with muslin stapled to the back. I also stapled picture wire to the back to hang my 11×14 mounted prints. And I’m a little OCD so I whitewashed all my clothes pins to match the wall. 🙂The easel was relatively easy to make. All the measuring and cutting was easy, but putting it together wasn’t. Full DIY tutorial can be found hereFor my frames I took apart old pallets and used the wood. I did a color was on them with the paint left over from my chair; I just mixed a small amount of paint with water and brushed it on.

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  1. robin s says:

    this is awesome! i love it thanks soo much for sharing! im soo excited to odo a show! totally keepign this up for inspiration!

  2. Sandy says:

    Your booth was great!
    Sorry we didn’t get to visit but I found myself overwhelmed with very little time to do anything but find where i was supposed to be next.
    Hope the show went well for you and brought in new clients.
    Keep in touch. Would love for you to attend next Pass Christian Art Association meeting. May 18 2pm at PC Library.

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