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I just want to take a moment to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me. I have been photographing families across the Gulf Coast for 10 years now. It is my mission to serve women in helping them see how beautiful their roles as mothers are. Society diminishes that role often, and […]

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As the dim morning light streamed through the windows of my studio in Gulfport, Mississippi on a rainy day, I welcomed a beautiful family eager to capture the essence of their newest chapter. With a tender blend of excitement and anticipation, we embarked on a journey to freeze these precious moments in time. Amidst the […]

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baby boy and family on beach MS Gulf Coast

This sweet man and his family were such a joy to spend the evening with while getting some sand between our toes and documenting his 12 month of life. It is always such an incredible honor when mommas allow me to help document one of the most special year’s of their lifetime – their baby’s […]

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Mom and dad snuggling their baby girl | Photo by Little Sunshine Photography

As a photographer, we all have our favorite milestones to document. Each has a place in our hearts for different reasons and is special in its own way. Maternity sessions are full of anticipation and excitement. The newborn session is so tender, and I love watching families so smitten with their new babies. Then, the […]

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Mom and dad to be walking a path | Photo by Little Sunshine Photography

There’s nothing quite like getting to celebrate with families throughout their seasons of growth. I love photographing sessions, but the relationships built with clients over time are what I cherish greatly. It’s what makes The Baby Story so near and dear to my heart as a Gulfport, MS maternity and newborn photographer. With The Baby […]

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mom nursing baby while breastfeeding | Photo by Little Sunshine Photography

As parents, the amount of time we spend thinking about nurturing our little humans isn’t easily measured. It isn’t accurately counted in minutes but more so in the growing pile of sleepers that are too small that we can’t bring ourselves to put away just yet. We nurture their spirits with encouraging words as they […]

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Sleeping newborn in peachy pink swaddle | Photo by Little Sunshine Photography

The newborn season of life is absolutely a whirlwind, and it’s my joy to get to serve you in documenting it in a way that makes life seem a bit less chaotic. As a Pass Christian newborn photographer, I love that I get to ensure that you feel cared for at every step of your […]

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Baby girl with a bow held by mom | Photo by Little Sunshine Photography

As a Gulfport baby photographer, each new season holds a special place in my heart. With each one comes new families and beautiful memories, and I have a feeling 2022 may bring some of the best yet!  Those spring days when everything is coming back to life after winter are just around the corner. It’s […]

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Smirking newborn baby in a swaddle | Photo by Little Sunshine Photography

As a Pascagoula photographer, I know the thought of adding a photography session to the exhausting newborn season can be overwhelming at first momma. There’s deciding where your session will take place. What is everyone going to wear? Will I have time to get everyone together? Will I be able to get myself ready for […]

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Couple cradling mom's pregnant belly | Photo by Little Sunshine Photography

As any momma can attest, the path to motherhood isn’t always an easy or linear one. So many small pieces contribute to the experience, and with them come an array of feelings. There can be unforeseen bumps in the road like what can feel like a delayed arrival. There’s also joys we never expected to […]